Gold Medal for LePlan-Vermeersch wine…

The LePlan-Vermeersch “Plan de Dieu” Classic 2014 wine has been awarded with an GOLD MEDAL at the 22th “World Wine Competition Brussels”. This year more than 8 000 samples has been tasted by an international jury.


WineVibes in Munich

Nice article on Rhone WineVibes.de in Munich http://winevibes.de/maison-leplan-vermeersch-rasant-ins-glueck Sébastien and Ann will attend the WineVibes event in Munich on 29.05.2015.


Médaille d’Or pour LePlan “Plan de Dieu” Classic

Notre LePlan “Plan de Dieu” Classic 2014 à obtenue une “Médaille d’Or” dans la 22ème édition du Concours Mondial de Bruxelles ayant eu lieu du 1 au 3 mai à Jesolo, Italie. Cette année, 8 020 échantillons de vins ont été dégustés par le jury international.

Dirk Vermeersch

Welcome to our new website, blog and online store …

Dear friends, dear visitors, I’m very proud to welcome you all to the freshly hatched, new version of our website. Among many new things, the new website will feature a brand new original design, full mobile devices support, a blog (which you are actually reading), an event management system to enable visitors to … Read More