Orange wines: it’s time to get in tou

It’s the new colour on the wine spectrum – white wine made as if it were a red. Simon Woolf debunks the myths behind this centuries-old style of vinification…  image: Orange wines are the most characterful, thrilling and food-friendly styles on our shelves today, with their deep hues, intense … Read More


Vignes, où sont les femmes ?

En ce mercredi 8 mars, Journée internationale de lutte pour les Droits des Femmes, le domaine départemental de Pierresvives à Montpellier se penche sur le rôle joué par les femmes dans l’histoire et le développement de la viticulture dans l’Hérault, en particulier, et en France en général. En trois conférences … Read More


Red wine fights ageing…

… but only if you drink 2,500 bottles a day Drinking red wine to help prevent ageing would only be useful if someone drank more than 2,500 bottles per day, UK health officials have warned following several reports on a new research study. A US study on mice found that … Read More


Wine tastes the same on fruit and root days

Time to leave the biodynamic calendar behind? Wine tastes the same on fruit and root days There’s been a lot of talk about the biodynamic calendar in the wine trade. At wine tastings, it’s not unusual for tasters to start muttering that the wines aren’t showing very well. Then someone … Read More

Paris, France - April 26, 2013: Tourists walk past a cafeteria and souvenir store. Paris is the most visited city in the world.

Raw Wine, the New Natural Wine ?

France Tries to Define Natural Wine Officials want to regulate the category as it competes with organic and biodynamic, but not even winemakers can agree on a definition Natural wine bars and shops have become a phenomenon in Paris streets over the past five years. Stroll the streets of Paris, … Read More


The health benefits of gin

7 reasons gin is good for you When Julia Child, who lived to the age of 91, was asked about the secret to her longevity, she replied: ‚Red meat and gin.‘ And while we can’t responsibly advocate chasing your steak and chips with a glass or seven every night, there … Read More

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If you’re looking for : Tasting LePlan wine by the glass in a bar, or drinking LePlan wine in a nice restaurant …    Finding yourself a catering company and throw a party with LePlan wine …     Buying some LePlan wine for a friend, or buying some LePlan … Read More


What is Orange wine …

Orange wine? Yes, orange wine. Just like the family of tastes (sweetness, sourness, saltiness and bitterness) has gained a new member – umami, orange wine became the fourth of the traditional wine colors – white, red and rosé. The term “orange wine” is more or less new. It was formed by … Read More


Which Rose are you?

Which Rose wine do you prefer? Summer is here and makes us thirsty… We have 3 rose wines in our store: The Classic LePlan Grenache 0.75 L is what we call a Fruity rose, it has fresh notes of cherry and crushed strawberry. And in the mouth you experience a crisp beginning … Read More


Why I don’t want to be a winemaker…

Jefford on Monday: Why I’m not a wine-grower. At a time of year when many people nourish wine-making dreams, Andrew Jefford provides a reality check. Why I don’t want to be a winemaker… When those I meet on my travels find out that I live in the Languedoc, they often ask … Read More

Belgica Bubbles 36

Neu bei LePlan-Vermeersch: Belgica Bubbles

„Veni, vidi, vini: LePlan-Vermeersch überrascht mit belgischem Champagner“ Belgica Bubbles Auch ein Brut? Na klar! Der Belgica Bubbles ist das belgische Pendant zum Champagner. Julius Caesar kam, sah und pflanzte seine Ranken bereits in Gallia Belgica, der ehemaligen römischen Provinz, deren Hauptstadt die Champagnerhochburg Reims war! Zeit für ein Remake! … Read More


LePlan GT-S de nouveau dans le Top 10 des meilleures Syrah du Monde

Une fois encore, comme les millésimes 2007 et 2009, LePlan-Vermeersch GT-Syrah est dans le Top 10 des meilleures Syrah du Monde. Le palmarès des meilleures Syrah du Monde La 10e édition du concours international Syrah du Monde®, organisée par l’association Forum Œnologie, vient de s’achever. Pendant trois jours, des experts internationaux ont évalué … Read More


BREAKING … GOLD Medals for All Red LePlan GT wines

We are proud to announce that All our red LePlan GT wines in the Vin de France denomination have been awarded with a Gold Medal in the famous Concours Mondial Brussels. All from 2014 vintage. In total 8750 wines have been tasted by the international jury…


LePlan Proud Partner of Black Forrest Classic

DIE ATEMBERAUBENDE HISTORISCHE REGULARITY-RALLYE DURCH DEN NORDSCHWARZWALD VON 18 BIS 21 MAI 2016  Willkommen Mrs. DTM Ellen Lohr ist als bisher einzige weibliche DTM-Siegerin der Welt eine Legende! Sie fuhr schon mit Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Karl Wendlinger und Michael Schumacher um die Wette und nahm neunmal an der härtesten Rallye der … Read More