Red wine fights ageing…

… but only if you drink 2,500 bottles a day Drinking red wine to help prevent ageing would only be useful if someone drank more than 2,500 bottles per day, UK health officials have warned following several reports on a new research study. A US study on mice found that … Read More


The health benefits of gin

7 reasons gin is good for you When Julia Child, who lived to the age of 91, was asked about the secret to her longevity, she replied: ‚Red meat and gin.‘ And while we can’t responsibly advocate chasing your steak and chips with a glass or seven every night, there … Read More


LePlan Proud Partner of Black Forrest Classic

DIE ATEMBERAUBENDE HISTORISCHE REGULARITY-RALLYE DURCH DEN NORDSCHWARZWALD VON 18 BIS 21 MAI 2016  Willkommen Mrs. DTM Ellen Lohr ist als bisher einzige weibliche DTM-Siegerin der Welt eine Legende! Sie fuhr schon mit Heinz-Harald Frentzen, Karl Wendlinger und Michael Schumacher um die Wette und nahm neunmal an der härtesten Rallye der … Read More


Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Sommelier

You don’t actually need to be drinking all that much. 1. Being a sommelier has to do with way more than memorizing facts about wine.First and foremost, you have to be a great server. You can’t just study wines and be a sommelier. You have to be comfortable on the restaurant floor. … Read More


Just What The Hell is Dutch Courage

Remember the time you took one look at the jerky, unfortunately muscly, buck-eighty bro at the end of the bar and decided yes, by god, you were going to fight him? Or the other time when after a few (tops, six) glasses of Cab, you took your wine-stained grin to … Read More


VRAI / FAUX : 5 idees recues sur le bouchon de liege

Tête d’affiche du salon professionnel Vinisud, le bouchon de liège a émerveillé les yeux des visiteurs : compositions artistiques, fresques interactives et grande collecte de bouchons. A cette occasion, levons le voile sur 5 idées reçues autour de cet allié historique du vin. Levée du liège © APCOR 1. Le … Read More


You Are Not Allergic To Sulfite

One of the things I hear frequently from people who find out I’m a technical guy for winemaking is, “I’m allergic to the sulfite in wine. What can I do?” My heart sinks when I hear this. Sulfite allergy is such an all-pervasive myth that it seems like an endless … Read More


10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Wine

Too often, when we sit down for dinner at a great restaurant, the server hands the wine list to the man and expects him to make all the decisions about drinking. Fortunately, that’s changing—now, sommeliers are increasingly female, and it’s common practice to pour a taste of a bottle for … Read More


Why 2016 Could Be a Difficult Year for Sommeliers

The Golden Age of Sommeliers might be over soon Despite reports of strong sales in 2015, sommeliers are being hit by big challenges that could signal the end to the kind of influence that they wield in the market today. In the way that once powerful restaurant maitre d’s have … Read More


Belgium’s New Favorite Beverage

As everyone know’s, Belgium’s most beloved beverage is beer.  It’s an undisputed fact considering our small nation has countless breweries across the country and many beers have their own specialized glass.  But this could change sooner than we think.  Two brothers, Jens and Jonas De Maere, are the cofounders of … Read More


The Most Impressive Wineries in the World

12 OF THE MOST IMPRESSIVE WINERIES IN THE WORLD What used to be a visit to a farmer’s simple vineyard followed by the tasting of their wine out in the field – have no fear, this still exists in many places – have become high-end affairs in many locales, with … Read More


The Evolution of Wine Across Religions

The evolution of alcohol across the three monotheistic religions Why is it that one can observe a religious Jew filling his cup to the brim with wine on a Friday night, while a religious Muslim wouldn’t be caught dead holding a drink? The world’s three major monotheistic religions have overlapping … Read More


Is Eating With Your Hands OK ?

The Rules For Eating With Your Hands In India, Africa And The Middle East There’s an art to hand-to-mouth dining We often hear questions like: what did we ever do before the iPhone. It’s a fair question for sure. But, what did we ever do before cutlery? This summer, Oprah … Read More


Whats the Difference Between Champagne, Cava, Sekt …

Wine Terms to Know: Méthode Champenoise / Méthode Traditionnelle Sparkling wine is the hardest working wine in the business. Your average bottle of bubbly is expected to be fun, elegant, luxurious, mysterious, playful, and food-friendly all at once. Pop the cork on your favorite bottle of fizzy wine and you’re … Read More