Decanter Magazine & LePlan Suze-la-Rousse

The new Côtes du Rhône Villages Suze-La-Rousse appellation is set for great things, if this exceptional wine from LePlan-Vermeersch is anything to go by. A blend off Syrah and Mourvédre, it faithfully captures the warmth and sunshine of the Rhône Valley. Complex and attractive brambly fruit and spice-box notes. Luscious, … Read More


Guillaume Jourdan : Wine = Sex

Enough with performance, long live pleasure!   For some months now the specialised wine press has talked of little else. Whether it is an article entitled “How to Talk About Wine in Seven Crucial Words” about the latest book by Matt Kramer, Contributing Editor of the American magazine Wine Spectator, … Read More



… AND IT MIGHT BE TIME TO HIT THE BRAKES There is no official Natural Wine Movement. I think that’s why so many people struggle with it. Natural wines are not as codified as, for example, biodynamicfarming, where in order to use the term you need to undergo rigorous certification. There are no … Read More


10 Reasons Why Drinking Gin Can Actually Be Good for You

Alcohol isn’t exactly considered a healthy lifestyle choice; more often than not, it’s associated with empty calories and bad decisions. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few benefits to drinking in moderation. In fact, gin is a liquor with a wealth of potential benefits to offer. So read on, … Read More


Wine labels should list all additives

Wine labels should list all additives, says France’s first female Master of Wine France’s first female Master of Wine has called for additives in wine to be listed on bottles Wine additives such as extracts of dried fish bladders and animal pancreases should be listed on bottle labels to discourage … Read More

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Gilles Magnus wins the 24 Hours of Zolder

The 17 year-old LePlan GT junior driver Gilles Magnus claims victory in the Eleven Sports 24 Hours of Zolder and becomes the youngest winner ever in this Belgian Limburg classic event. Victory in the Scuderia Monza by DVB RACING Norma M20FC with Jeffrey Van Hooydonk, Christoff Corten and the Hans and … Read More


(DE) LePlan GT … Gin-Tonic

LePlan-Vermeersch Premium Belgica Gin   Der schnell verkaufende, Premium-Gin aus Belgien LePlan-Vermeersch, gibt den Begriff G&T eine völlig neue Dimension. Gebraut durch ‘De Moor’ Brennerei in kleiner Auflage. Das Geheimnis? Ein sehr verfeindeter Gin aus Aalen mit einer duftenden Mischung von Herbes de Provence, das Hinterland von LePlan-Vermeersch. Le Plan-Vermeersch … Read More


LePlan Bubbles Magnum

LePlan-Vermeersch Belgica Bubbles Magnum   Is this Brut? Yes, it certainly is, Belgica Bubbles is the Belgium equivalent of Champagne. Julius Caesar came, saw, and planted his grape trunks in Gallia Belgica, the former Roman province with its Champagne capital; the city of Reims. That asks for a remake. This … Read More


LePlan Rose Magnum

LePlan-Vermeersch Fred & Oxie Magnum 2016   The perfect summer wine, best enjoyed by the pool with its pale pink color. It’s made exclusively of Grenache grapes, with the direct press technique. This wine smells like crushed strawberries and vanilla with a crisp and fresh taste. Pair it up with … Read More

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LePlan GT-X Big Bottles

LePlan-Vermeersch GT-X Magnum, Jeroboam & Mathusalem 2015   Impressive wine you are not easily going to forget… It’s made from the best barrels of the LePlan-Vermeersch winery, a blend of Carignan, Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre and Viognier grape varieties … This GT-X wine has a magnificent and deep ruby color with bright … Read More


LePlan GT-G Magnum

LePlan-Vermeersch GT-G Ever Meulen Magnum 2014   This Grenache has a beautiful garnet colour, deep and rich, with pretty violet tints. The bouquet is complex and intense with a hint of plum, fig, blackcurrant and raspberry, blended with subtle hints of vanilla and grilled almond. This is a smooth wine, … Read More


LePlan Suze Magnum

LePlan-Vermeersch Suze-La-Rousse Magnum 2016   This one is quite special as it is the 1st edition! In 2016 the wine growers of Bollène, Bouchet, Tulette and Suze-la-Rousse were granted the right to use the appellation Côtes du Rhône Villages Suze-la-Rousse AOP on their lands classified in Côtes du Rhône Village … Read More

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Better make it Big Bottles …

Why investing in a bigger bottle is the thinking man’s way to drink wine this holiday season… The image of wannabe hip-hop moguls drinking over-sized bottles of Crystal in club corners has done nothing for the reputation of the magnum. But when it comes to wine, bigger often means better. There is something … Read More