LePlan Rose Magnum

LePlan-Vermeersch Fred & Oxie Magnum 2016


2017-06-26_Wijnen LePlan_Gr-56 OXIE - CopyThe perfect summer wine, best enjoyed by the pool with its pale pink color. It’s made exclusively of Grenache grapes, with the direct press technique. This wine smells like crushed strawberries and vanilla with a crisp and fresh taste. Pair it up with some tapas or salad and simply enjoy it by the pool.

The label is a reproduction from real street art on the Belgian office of LePlan-Vermeersch in Antwerp, Belgium, made by the duo:

Fred (Frederick Michielsen) is born Antwerp, Belgium on a sunny day back in 1977. He grew up with the joy of painting and drawing. However, it was only after his 25th birthday that he started to develop his own personal and self-taught style. Frederick started to give a vibrant soul to his canvas, or any other item that he can bring to life with his painting techniques. Over the last few years he increased his own and special style: a very detailed and very colourful technique. Frederick get his inspiration from how he feels, or what he feels… like in a Crazy World.

Oxie-Alienski is born in the Netherlands and member of Lastplak, the largest and most active street art collective in the Netherlands since 2001. This artist has painted all over the world, but his home is Rotterdam, there can be seen the most of his work. Previously exhibited Lastplak in Berlin, Los Angeles, St. Petersburg and Thailand.

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