New by LePlan-Vermeersch: Belgica bubbles

‘Veni, vidi, vini: LePlan-Vermeersch surprises with Belgian bubbles’

Belgica Bubbles 36

Belgica Bubbles

Is this Brut? Yes, it certainly is, Belgica Bubbles is the Belgium equivalent of Champagne. Julius Caesar came, saw, and planted his grape trunks in Gallia Belgica, the former Roman province with its Champagne capital; the city of Reims. That asks for a remake. This Belgica, which is fully originated from Chardonnay and Ugni-blanc grapes, sparkles with energy, just like its Northern-French offspring, light at heart and complimenting the taste buds.

What’s in a name

The name Belgica Bubbles is actually a wordplay related to Belgica; the Roman province that included present Belgium. Additionally, Belgica included what we nowadays call Luxembourg, the Southern Netherlands, the German Rhine region, and parts of Northern France. After research had been conducted the then capital Durocortorum appeared to be the present city of Reims. Therein lies Vermeersch’s plan to enter the wine market with a ‘Belgian’ Champagne. And as you can see, he succeeded. With this Brut you will certainly leave an unforgettable impression.

The winemaking process

The grapes that are used, a blanc de blanc of charming Chardonnay and fresh Ugni-blanc, are treated like emperors, just like their older brothers from the Champagne area. After the harvest, the grapes are destemmed and crushed, and then the first fermentation will take place in inox tanks. After the assemblage took place, the liqueur de tirage is added to the still wine during bottling.  Throughout the second fermentation process the bubbles develop in the Belgica. This non-vintage wine takes ten months to mature in the bottle before the lees can be removed and 9g/l liqeur d’expedition can be added to create Brut from the Belgian bubbles. The Belgica is ready to be served cold and serves as an overwhelming aperitif.


Dirk Vermeersch is on a pioneering journey. He is the spiritual father of LePlan-Vermeersch, and since 2000 he has been an active producer in the Rhone valley in Southern France of classic appellation wines and a remarkable series of rock & roll monocépages. In this new adventure he joins a partner from Belgian soil: BGP from Namur. Belgica Bubbles is a méthode traditionalle made Brut that will enter the wine market as Vin Mousseux de Qualité. Strange fellows, these Roman conquerors? Don’t think so!

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