7 Reasons Not To Buy From Independent Wine Merchants


1) The wines will have character

Are you used to boring and bland supermarket wines that are designed to dumb down your wine knowledge? Well, dear creature of habit, independent wine shop wines might shake things up – and nobody likes change. Best to stick to what you know: bad wine.

2) No big flashy promotions

Hello, who doesn’t love a bargain? We all know that the discounts are totally fake (so, so fake), but buying wines on promotion feels good. So, marketing pros that have spent decades studying human psychology to know exactly what makes customers feel like they are winning in a sales situation: we salute you.

3) You have to speak to an expert

I suppose there’s something nice about getting great advice and hearing top tips from someone who really knows their wines. But on the other hand, they always have that same Rioja in the supermarket and I know it comes from Spain, tastes like red wine and goes well with meat.

So what else is there really to know? (Plus tormenting untrained staff with difficult wine questions is kind of fun)

4) You can taste the wines before buying them

This again… I don’t need to taste before buying when I’m buying wine that I already know is rubbish. Capiche?

5) Buying from independent wine merchants is more ethical

Okay, so you say that we should be conscious consumers and support winemakers that actually prioritise the taste of the wine over maximum efficiency. Often these winemakers are more environmentally friendly, too – and you could also argue that independent merchants need more business than supermarkets.

But then I wouldn’t get to contribute to the big wheel of unethical money-driven business, now would I?

6) Your friends will think you’re cool

Being a regular at an independent wine shop is super cool, almost like being a part of a community, and your friends would probably look at you and say: ‘wow, I want to be more like them.’ I can’t speak for you, but I certainly don’t want to be the cool, inspirational one.

7) If everyone buys good wine from good people, bad wines might become extinct


By Alisa Vakkila.  vinoa

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