Prehistoric wine discovered in ancient Sicilian culture

Prehistoric wine discovered in inaccessible caves forces a rethink of ancient Sicilian culture Monte Kronio rises 1,300 feet above the geothermally active landscape of southwestern Sicily. Hidden in its bowels is a labyrinthine system of caves, filled with hot sulfuric vapors. At lower levels, these caves average 99 degrees Fahrenheit and … Read More


Secret Marijuna Plantation Discovered in Vineyard

A vineyard operator has been found guilty of cultivating more than 100 cannabis plants and concealing them alongside vines at his estate in Berri, South Australia. Police stumbled upon the conspicuous crop, hidden among the vineyard, while responding to reports of ‘gunshots’ from a nearby winery, as reported by The Advertiser.  … Read More

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In the mirror – vodka or gin?

Once seemingly-unstoppable vodka is in decline, and as if in a mirror image, gin is on the rise, worldwide.  Unthinkable ten years ago, vodka will lose about 1.5% of global share in the run up to 2021. By contrast, gin was always seen as a sector with little opportunity for growth: too old fashioned, … Read More

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Water drinken helemaal niet zo gezond?

Waarom elke dag verplicht 1,5 liter water drinken helemaal niet zo gezond is ? Als er één mythe is die maar niet wil verdwijnen, dan is het deze: dat wij als mens dagelijks best 8 glazen water (tot +- 2 liter) drinken. Een gedrag dat ons dan ook nog eens door … Read More

Young Female Winemaker with a Glass smelling the Red Wine near a Vineyard in Tuscany

Women and Wine: How Alcohol Affects Female Health

Alcohol consumption affects women differently, offering both additional concerns and benefits Men and women are different—you probably knew that—and that’s true when it comes to wine and health. Alcohol impacts women differently than it does men, from first sip to metabolism to recovery. That means it’s important for women to … Read More


Cork Makers are Suffering from Kodak Syndrome

Cork producers are suffering from ‘Kodak syndrome’ and are struggling to accept that the market has moved beyond natural cork, according to one leading closures producer. During a recent visit to Vinventions’ HQ in Belgium, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing for Europe, Fabrice Chevallet, told db: “Natural cork … Read More


Wine Advocate & LePlan Suze-la-Rousse

LePlan-Vermeersch’s 2016 Cotes du Rhone Villages Suze La Rousse racesahead of the pack this year, powered by scents of garrigue and ripe cherries. This 50/50 blend of Syrah and Mourvèdre is full-bodied and supple, firming up and delivering a bit of warmth on the long finish. Drink it over the … Read More


Wijnkoopgids & LePlan Suze-la-Rousse

Een paarse, blauwrode, ondoorzichtige inktderwisj die in ons glas opduikt en onze jury’s meteen inpalmde met zijn gevarieerd boeket van rijpe pruimen, griottes, zwarte kersen, laurier, zoete drop en een wolkje kaneel. Hmmmmm, zalvend vlezig en kruidig-peperig in de mond, boordevol impresies van zwart/rode kersen en bessen, versgebakken baguette, zwarte … Read More


Decanter Magazine & LePlan Suze-la-Rousse

The new Côtes du Rhône Villages Suze-La-Rousse appellation is set for great things, if this exceptional wine from LePlan-Vermeersch is anything to go by. A blend off Syrah and Mourvédre, it faithfully captures the warmth and sunshine of the Rhône Valley. Complex and attractive brambly fruit and spice-box notes. Luscious, … Read More


Guillaume Jourdan : Wine = Sex

Enough with performance, long live pleasure!   For some months now the specialised wine press has talked of little else. Whether it is an article entitled “How to Talk About Wine in Seven Crucial Words” about the latest book by Matt Kramer, Contributing Editor of the American magazine Wine Spectator, … Read More


We kijken steeds dieper in het wijnglas

In 300 jaar tijd is een wijnglas bijna zeven keer zo groot geworden. Kon je er in het jaar 1700 amper 6,6 centiliter in gieten tot aan het randje, dan is dat nu al 45 centiliter – haast een halve liter. Grotere glazen doen meer inschenken, waarschuwen experts.   Een … Read More


The quest for the perfect holiday gift

Aaaah, the holiday season… getting gifs in crowded stores … We have the perfect solution for you : LePlan Online Store (delivery time is approx. one week) Getting a gift for your boyfriend/girl, husband/wife, lover or grandparents during the holidays can be quite stressful. Reading their mind is basically impossible, but … Read More