New by LePlan-Vermeersch: Belgica bubbles

‘Veni, vidi, vini: LePlan-Vermeersch surprises with Belgian bubbles’ Belgica Bubbles Is this Brut? Yes, it certainly is, Belgica Bubbles is the Belgium equivalent of Champagne. Julius Caesar came, saw, and planted his grape trunks in Gallia Belgica, the former Roman province with its Champagne capital; the city of Reims. That … Read More


BREAKING … GOLD Medals for All Red LePlan GT wines

We are proud to announce that All our red LePlan GT wines in the Vin de France denomination have been awarded with a Gold Medal in the famous Concours Mondial Brussels. All from 2014 vintage. In total 8750 wines have been tasted by the international jury…


Interview Naomi Schiff

Naomi Schiff (born in Belgium, raised in South Africa and currently living in Germany) is young (21), gorgeous and fast. She gets to race the KTM X-Bow GT4, is the happiest at circuit Spa Francorchamps, looks up to idol Lewis Hamilton, isn’t intimidated by men and hardly cracks under pressure. Where and … Read More


Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became a Sommelier

You don’t actually need to be drinking all that much. 1. Being a sommelier has to do with way more than memorizing facts about wine.First and foremost, you have to be a great server. You can’t just study wines and be a sommelier. You have to be comfortable on the restaurant floor. … Read More


Decoding French Wine Labels and Terms

Learn useful information about French wine (by looking at the label) to find out what the wine is made of and what quality level it is. One of the more confusing wine regions to delve into is France because it’s so hard to know what you’re buying based on the … Read More


Just What The Hell is Dutch Courage

Remember the time you took one look at the jerky, unfortunately muscly, buck-eighty bro at the end of the bar and decided yes, by god, you were going to fight him? Or the other time when after a few (tops, six) glasses of Cab, you took your wine-stained grin to … Read More


LePlan is once again a proud partner of WRT

A busy and full-fledged program for Team WRT in 2016 Blancpain GT Series program expanded, with 5 cars in Sprint and 4 in Endurance, in partnership with the Belgian Audi Club WRT embraces TCR concept, both at the level of Benelux and International (with Leopard Racing) GT Sports, Trophée Andros, … Read More


Wine in China, a conversion is needed. Part I

“A big mistake is to constantly target wine lovers. We should convert the non-wine drinker”. This quote from Judy Chan, President of Grace Vineyard in the Shanxi province of northern China, was met with much agreement and a question from the floor. In a thick Australian accent came the question … Read More


Meet your new Top Gear presenters!

People of the world, may we present the brand new Top Gear TV team! We are very proud to announce that racing driver Sabine Schmitz, YouTube star Chris Harris, F1 pundit Eddie Jordan and motoring journalist Rory Reid will join Chris Evans, Matt LeBlanc and of course, The Stig, when the show … Read More


7 Reasons Not To Buy From Independent Wine Merchants

1) The wines will have character Are you used to boring and bland supermarket wines that are designed to dumb down your wine knowledge? Well, dear creature of habit, independent wine shop wines might shake things up – and nobody likes change. Best to stick to what you know: bad … Read More


You Are Not Allergic To Sulfite

One of the things I hear frequently from people who find out I’m a technical guy for winemaking is, “I’m allergic to the sulfite in wine. What can I do?” My heart sinks when I hear this. Sulfite allergy is such an all-pervasive myth that it seems like an endless … Read More

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What Not to Publish on Your Stupid Wine Blog in 2016

“A satirist is never certain whether he/she will be acclaimed or punished.”― Edgar Johnson What Not to Publish on Your Stupid Wine Blog in 2016 Here we go, a January tradition. This year, pay closer attention… Ooooh, a new study shows that the alcohol percentage listed on bottles of wine … Read More


Farewell to Champagne flutes in 2016?

Should 2016 mark the death of the Champagne flute? Sommeliers and wine experts are forsaking the flute in favour of glasses that better show off their fizz. Anne Krebiehl MW explains why you should invest in your glassware this year… Left to right: Jamesse Grand Champagne glass; Riedel Veritas Champagne … Read More


What Have Waft and LePlan in Common?

WAFT is a small, independent publishing house from Belgium, specialised in high quality books on car design and car culture. The latest publication, ‘WAFT 3, Small is beautiful.’ again offers 256 pages full of great photography, exclusive stories, great drives, tantalising reports and above all, a unique view. WAFT is … Read More