Half Season Break for Naomi Schiff

Naomi… from model to racing car driver! Born in Belgium, Rwandese Mother, Raised in South Africa, Vice-Champion Karting of South Africa, Chinese Clio Cup Champion and now works racing car driver KTM X-bow GT4 for Reiter Engineering Team based in Germany… The least what we can say is that Naomi … Read More


10 Ways to Tell if Your Sommelier Really Knows Wine

How to know if your sommelier is the JAY Z of wine. Sommeliers are now regular fixtures in many restaurants, but how can one determine if their suggestions are worth trusting? It turns out that you don’t have to know a lot about wine to judge a sommelier’s skills. To … Read More



Jules Bianchi 1989 – 2015   by Joe Saward. It is with great sadness that I must report the death last night of Jules Bianchi, at the age of 25. Bianchi had been in hospital in Nice since November, having been repatriated from Japan after his unfortunate collision with a … Read More



As anti-snobs, we’ll be the first to tell you that there’s no need to purchase ultra-specific glassware in order to enjoy a drink. For instance, as long as you have a good set of wine glasses, you don’t have to buy Bordeaux glasses and white wine glasses (though if you want to, go for … Read More

Domaine de l'Hortus. The Montagne Massif de l'Hortus mountain cliff. Pic St Loup. Languedoc. Mourvedre vines facing south. France. Europe. Vineyard.

Want To Buy A Vineyard In France? Here’s How Much It Costs

Are you nurturing a secret dream of becoming a vigneron in France, just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? They bought the Chateau Miraval for a reported $60 million in 2013. You can get away with less than that but don’t count on it coming cheap. France being a centralized country that is keen on … Read More


The early bird catches the worm

When it’s hot outside, we wake early to work the vineyards when it’s still fresh. This morning I got up at 05:00 to do some ‘green harvest’ in our young Viogniers. This operation consist in taking off the grapes in an early stage. Here under some picks.


Is Wine Good For You?

Is wine healthy or not? There are countless studies that both warn and praise wine for its health benefits, but which side should you trust? When it comes to wine and health, there are a lot of articles floating around out there that are a little misleading, for example, take … Read More


Sulfites are fine, but here’s how to remove them anyway

FOR MILLIONS OF DRINKERS, the scariest two words on a bottle of wine are “CONTAINS SULFITES.” MARC VOLK / GETTY IMAGES Sulfites comprise a range of sulfur compounds—particularly sulfur dioxide (SO2)—that are a natural by-product of the fermentation process that work as a preservative against certain yeast and bacteria (which … Read More


Summer’s here! Sun, Sun and Wine…

  Last minute vacation in the South of France? Suze-La-Rousse is the place to be! Not a cloud in the sky for the next 10 days. Lots of nice B&B’s here, markets, festivals, concerts and wine tastings! Everything you can dream of for a nice holiday. Some informative websites for planning … Read More


Opening hours

            In July and August, our tasting cellar will be open from Mon to Fri from 9:00 tot 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00, or by appointment on Come try our wide range of LePlan Rhône wines or the special LePlan GT wines in … Read More


Buzzy racing weekend for LePlan GT wine partners!

  Very buzzy racing weekend indeed for LePlan GT wine partners. Naomi Schiff, our brand ambassador, is racing at Slovakia Ring with the brand new KTM GT4 from Reiter Engineering team. Both GT3 team’s Audi WRT and BMW Marc VDS are participating Blancpain GT series at Paul Ricard and last … Read More


New Website

Welcome to our new LePlan GT website, blog and online store! Dear friends, I’m very proud to welcome you all to visit the freshly hatched, new version of our website Among many new things, the new website will feature a brand new original design, full mobile devices support, a blog, and a fully integrated … Read More