21 Weird And Wonderfull Wine Facts

Here are 21 of our favourite facts about wine – from the weird to the downright wonderful.   The French don’t drink the most wine per capita. First things first, who drinks the most wine per capita? Well the answer might surprise you, for it’s not France or Italy, but … Read More


What’s the Difference between Syrah, Shiraz and Petite Sirah?

Syrah. Shiraz. Petite Sirah. These wines sound similar and in result, leave people confused what’s the difference between the three of them. Syrah and Shiraz are the exact same grape, much like Pinot Grigio and Pinot Gris are also the same grape. So whether you’re drinking a wine that says … Read More


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Tasting Syrah grapes in LePlan Vineyard

Our Syrah grapes are beautiful, but not ripe yet. We went for a maturity check in our vineyard today.  This consist in picking 200 berries per parcel. Left, Right, front, back, up and down the grape we pick the little berries. They will be analysed on sugar, acid, colour, tannins and … Read More


So You Want To Be A Master Sommelier

    So you want to be a Master Sommelier … Story highlights Candidates for Master Sommelier are required to analyse, assess, explain and identify the origin of six wines to a panel of examiners. There is a set methodology called ‘the grid’ that candidates must follow and answer. Years … Read More


Why Most Winemakers Choose These Bottles

Why Wine Bottles Come in Different Shapes Wine bottles come in all shapes and sizes, from tall and slender to short and stout. And while the bottle shape doesn’t make a difference in terms of impacting the wine’s flavor, the bottle chosen does often represent a good amount of history … Read More


Is Eating With Your Hands OK ?

The Rules For Eating With Your Hands In India, Africa And The Middle East There’s an art to hand-to-mouth dining We often hear questions like: what did we ever do before the iPhone. It’s a fair question for sure. But, what did we ever do before cutlery? This summer, Oprah … Read More


Whats the Difference Between Champagne, Cava, Sekt …

Wine Terms to Know: Méthode Champenoise / Méthode Traditionnelle Sparkling wine is the hardest working wine in the business. Your average bottle of bubbly is expected to be fun, elegant, luxurious, mysterious, playful, and food-friendly all at once. Pop the cork on your favorite bottle of fizzy wine and you’re … Read More

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6 Management Lessons That Everyone Should Know.

There’s numerous ways in which you can better manage your work and your life, but here are six basic lessons that will prove invaluable. Read More: 6 Management Lessons That Everyone Should Know. #2 Is Priceless.Heartwarming


The Only Way to Hold a Wine Glass

IS THERE A CORRECT WAY TO HOLD A WINE GLASS? So, remember how everyone was giving Olivia Pope flack for holding her wine glass by the goblet? While we thought it was a bit silly to hold a fictional character to exacting somm standards, there is some truth behind the … Read More

LePlan Rosé by FRED

Think Pink. An Introduction to French Rosé

Wine geeks used to be able to wax poetic about how awfully misunderstood rosé was. Guilty by pigmentation; pithy, dry, well-made rosés were largely ignored as thirsty drinkers assumed those pink wines would taste sweet, seem poorly made, or both. Thankfully for rosé lovers, those days are long behind us. … Read More


Why You shouldn’t Fear Screw-Capped Wine

The Cork Versus Screw Cap The French – who most often proudly seal their wine with a cork – invented the screw cap. Yep, that’s a fact. In the late 1950s French researchers created a product called “Stelcap vin,” a screw cap that was repurposed from the caps used to … Read More


Drink the Wines you Care About

When I first started getting into wine I looked for guidance; don’t we all? Someone to lead us by the hand, tell us what we should be drinking. I think it is traditional at this point to say I turned to a big name critic such as Parker, but in … Read More


Super Rhone, Super Tuscan, Whats in a Name

What the Heck is a Super Tuscan Ever had a Super Tuscan? Ever wondered what the hell that means? In short, the term can be attributed to the media and the origin of that term can be attributed to the rebels. And being a Star Wars fan, I love the … Read More


12 Basic White Grape Varieties

With hundreds of varieties of wine white grapes, there’s as much white wine information to learn about as there are white wine grapes planted in all corners of the globe. That being said, you’ll likely encounter only a handful of these grapes most often. In this white wine basics section, … Read More