The early bird catches the worm

When it’s hot outside, we wake early to work the vineyards when it’s still fresh. This morning I got up at 05:00 to do some ‘green harvest’ in our young Viogniers. This operation consist in taking off the grapes in an early stage. Here under some picks.


Is Wine Good For You?

Is wine healthy or not? There are countless studies that both warn and praise wine for its health benefits, but which side should you trust? When it comes to wine and health, there are a lot of articles floating around out there that are a little misleading, for example, take … Read More


Sulfites are fine, but here’s how to remove them anyway

FOR MILLIONS OF DRINKERS, the scariest two words on a bottle of wine are “CONTAINS SULFITES.” MARC VOLK / GETTY IMAGES Sulfites comprise a range of sulfur compounds—particularly sulfur dioxide (SO2)—that are a natural by-product of the fermentation process that work as a preservative against certain yeast and bacteria (which … Read More


Summer’s here! Sun, Sun and Wine…

  Last minute vacation in the South of France? Suze-La-Rousse is the place to be! Not a cloud in the sky for the next 10 days. Lots of nice B&B’s here, markets, festivals, concerts and wine tastings! Everything you can dream of for a nice holiday. Some informative websites for planning … Read More


Opening hours

            In July and August, our tasting cellar will be open from Mon to Fri from 9:00 tot 12:00 and from 14:00 to 18:00, or by appointment on ann@vermeersch.fr Come try our wide range of LePlan Rhône wines or the special LePlan GT wines in … Read More


Buzzy racing weekend for LePlan GT wine partners!

  Very buzzy racing weekend indeed for LePlan GT wine partners. Naomi Schiff, our brand ambassador, is racing at Slovakia Ring with the brand new KTM GT4 from Reiter Engineering team. Both GT3 team’s Audi WRT and BMW Marc VDS are participating Blancpain GT series at Paul Ricard and last … Read More


New Website LePlanGT.com

Welcome to our new LePlan GT website, blog and online store! Dear friends, I’m very proud to welcome you all to visit the freshly hatched, new version of our website www.leplangt.com. Among many new things, the new website will feature a brand new original design, full mobile devices support, a blog, and a fully integrated … Read More


New book PH9715 from Piet Huysentruyt comes out today!

New book PH9715 from Piet Huysentruyt comes out today! Good people, good wine!  Press release with Tony Le Duc, Piet Huysentruyt Likoké, Vero Huysentruyt and Sergio Herman, … #ph9715 #likoke #leplangtwines 

2013 LePlan white RgtW

Video: zo verander je water in wijn…

Wat Jezus kon, kan u zeker ook, toch? Bekijk onderstaande video en word een graag geziene gast op huwelijks- en andere feesten, zij het dan vooral omdat u een onderhoudende party trick uit uw mouw weet te schudden. Source: Video: zo verander je water in wijn – Culinair – KnackWeekend.be


Your Brain on Coffee, Wine, and Cannabis…

A funny, but realistic, look at the mental effects of 3 of the world’s most talked about substances. Alcohol, Caffeine and THC face off. Source: Your Brain on Coffee, Wine, and Cannabis | Wine Folly


Gold Medal for LePlan-Vermeersch wine…

The LePlan-Vermeersch “Plan de Dieu” Classic 2014 wine has been awarded with an GOLD MEDAL at the 22th “World Wine Competition Brussels”. This year more than 8 000 samples has been tasted by an international jury.


WineVibes in Munich

Nice article on Rhone WineVibes.de in Munich http://winevibes.de/maison-leplan-vermeersch-rasant-ins-glueck Sébastien and Ann will attend the WineVibes event in Munich on 29.05.2015.


Médaille d’Or pour LePlan “Plan de Dieu” Classic

Notre LePlan “Plan de Dieu” Classic 2014 à obtenue une “Médaille d’Or” dans la 22ème édition du Concours Mondial de Bruxelles ayant eu lieu du 1 au 3 mai à Jesolo, Italie. Cette année, 8 020 échantillons de vins ont été dégustés par le jury international.