Summer’s here! Sun, Sun and Wine…


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Last minute vacation in the South of France? Suze-La-Rousse is the place to be! Not a cloud in the sky for the next 10 days.

Lots of nice B&B’s here, markets, festivals, concerts and wine tastings! Everything you can dream of for a nice holiday.

Some informative websites for planning your perfect Provence holiday:

– Festival d’Avignon
Choregies d’Orange
Vaison Danses
 Marchés de Provence
Agenda Gourmand de la Provence
Agenda des sorties en Provence

Meanwhile in the vineyards we are in the ‘Berries beginning to touch’ stage on the BBCH-scale. The flowering season has ended well for the LePlan Vineyard and the grapes are well formed. Ahahah, I love this season as much as I hate it… The harvest is looking very promising at this stage, but still approximately 80 days to go before the grapes enter our cellar. And summer is such a challenging season. It will make or break our wine year… Keep (y)our fingers crossed!


The above picture shows a Syrah grape from one of our young vines. As you can clearly see, Syrah grapes tend to be long and slender.





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