Tasting Syrah grapes in LePlan Vineyard

ann vermeersch tasting grapes

They are not ripe :P

Our Syrah grapes are beautiful, but not ripe yet.

We went for a maturity check in our vineyard today.  This consist in picking 200 berries per parcel. Left, Right, front, back, up and down the grape we pick the little berries. They will be analysed on sugar, acid, colour, tannins and others. The lab results will be back tomorrow. And with those analysis we will be able to predict more or less the beginning of harvest… For the moment the grapes are looking perfect! No mold, not to big, yet not to small neither… If the weather keeps nice we will have a good wine year I’m sure of it.


Berries waiting in fridge


The summer is not over yet, we still welcome you for a tour and some nice wine tasting at our estate. Every weekday from 14h to 18h, or on appointment.
Sunny greetings, Ann


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